Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Many Are called by Scott Hahn....a review

This book is a small book, less than 200 pages, but packed with much info. 160 pages that could probably be condensed into 120 or so pages.
This was written with the 'lay person' in mind about the priesthood. Dr. Hahn tals about the different roles of men, such as being a father, leader, warrior, teacher, bridegrrom. This is just a small idea of what we should and do expect from men and that these roles may and can be justified so to speak for priesthood.
Most people think a priest as being nothing more than a minister but he is much mre than that. Dr. Hahn dicusses that in some detail. I find that this book does justice in that he explains the role of the priest and it's calling. I think that this book would help 'bolster' priests in a much better view/light.
I enjoyed this book as I do all the other books of Dr.Hahn that I have read so far.
I received this book from for books in a exchange for a honest review.
I cannot wait for his newest book!
Many are Called by Scott Hahn