Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dolan and Colbert

I am a huge fan of Stephan Colbert of the Colbert Report on the Comedy Channel. When Cardinal Dolan appeared on the show I laughed many times and enjoyed the show very much. It is so nice to see 2 Catholics having a good time and shows their lighter side of themselves. Here are 2 clips of that show. On this show the Cardinals dicusses his new book Praying in Rome. A book about the Cardinal's time at the conclave that elected the new Pope.

Praying in Rome by Cardinal Dolan

small review on On Heaven and Earth

I receieved this book from Waterbrook in exchange for a review. This book was written before 2010 when the current pope Francis was still a Cardinal (Jorge Bergoglio) of Argentina. It is about a series of conversations between Cardinal Bergoglio and Rabbi Abraham Skorka. They both wrote a prologue with a brief description of these meetings and a little of their immediate thoughts about these meetings. I felt like I was there abeit much like a fly on the wall or leaning against the door listening to these 2 holy men talk. The book is 256 pages, not small but definitely managable. It has 29 chapters highlighting a different subjets such as on the devil, on guilt, on prayers.They deal with each subject from their point of view (and that of their religion) They used simple language but not too simple that it would "dumb" the readers down. The dialogue was clear, concise and not too "scholarly". The respect that these 2 men are very easy to see and acknowleged. One example is on the Rabbi's side of conversation the word God is printed as G_d out of reverence for Judiasm. Would I recomend this book? YES, for the reader would get a glimpse of both of the holy men. The release was a very timely one that it coincided with the papl election of the Cardinal.