Friday, November 22, 2013

Walking with Mary

I receieved this book from Waterbrook in exchange for a honest review.
The author Edward Sri is a professor of theology and Scripture at the Augustine Institute’s Master’s in Catechetics and Evangelization program in Denver, Colorado. He reminds me of Dr.Scott Hahn in some ways in that he writes and speaks in a way that the majority of the people can relate to and not feel that they were talked "down" to.
First he talks about his personal experiences in relation to Mary. Then he shows 3 very bibical facts about Mary, Nazareth, marriage to Joseph and the linage of David.
He then he writes of a 9 step journey through the Bible with 7 from Luke, 2 from John, and finally the book of Revelation. Like the event of the Annunciation  of Gabriel which show just one of the truths of and about Mary in the Bible. He uses many references in the Bible with notes and where to find the passages in the Bible.
Even though this is a small book, I would definitely recomend this to those in the Catholic faith that have a hard time understanding the importance of Mary and those that are Christians that are not Catholic in further understanding why we keep talking about the importance of Mary and her path for us to Jesus.