Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Catholic Bible Dictionary by Scott Hahn

this is a book for true bible students and the faithful wanting to know more about the bible. I would highly recommend  this book for all Catholics and Protestants alike.
Dr. Hahn is a scholar by trade and it shows in this book. so informative and easily understandable.
the font of this book makes it very easy on the eyes which i love. the definitions are easy to understand and easy for reference.
For example,the word Nard. In the book the passage is as follows: A perfume extracted from the oil of the plant Nardostachyls jatamans found in India, Commonly referred to as Spikenard in English. The perfume was expensive. It was used in cosmetics and as a medicinal stimulant (Song 1:12) It was also used in the preparation of bodies for the tomb, the woman of Bethany anointed Jesus with Nard and Jesus defended her actions on the basis that she anointed Him in anticipation of his burial. (Mark 14"3-9) (John 12:3-8).
I love the explanation and the use of the word plus the reference of where I can find this in the Bible.
This is a honest review in exchange for book from www.bloggingforbooks.org.